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Getting food in dragon city can be a challenging task, but it is possible by using some tips and tricks. For instance, there was a glitch present in the game where you can get as many foods as you like by inviting your friends to play this game.

Now social point took some few weeks to realise it and removed this glitch. So, this kind of tips and tricks keep appearing in the game from time to time. 

Once you have hold of such methods, you will be blessed with unlimited amounts of food and gold. One of the best possible ways to get food in dragon city is through dragon market.

Dragon market

This market has seen a lot of change in the course of its run time. When the market was first debuted Infront of the players, food and gold were scarce. You might well be perfect in the game, but you might still be very low in grain and Gold.

This would have made you depended on getting gifts from your friends and getting gold from the habitats that are present. Coming to 2019, things took a drastic change. Now unlimited amount of food and gold can be brought by utilising the dragon city properly.

There are in total of 10 slots in the market where your friends can provide their contribution. Once your fringed fill these slots, you will get access to food and gold.

Dragon city friends

One of the key points of getting food is by making a lot of friends. This can be done by participating in dragon city discussion forums and also commenting pages like dragon city calculator page. In this page most of the dragon city users discuss the problems that they face from time. 

When you become comfortable with a person ask the person to join, you’re in the journey, by sending them a game invite. Now send too may invite at one go, since Facebook will think that there is something suspicious.

Most of the gamers recommend that 20 invites in a day is enough for day since this will result in 600 dragon city friends in a month. Now using this trick, a user can manage millions of food and gold, in a short time. 

Another way of earning good amount food is by joining Facebook groups. You mustn’t go groups that say add me. These groups will spam you with irrelevant stuff that is not related to Dragon City. 

Once there is enough collection of friends, then you don’t have to worry about anything ever. The game will automatically send your friends a reminder to help you out in every 5 hours.

Final thoughts

Some of the tricks that are mentioned in this article will help you advance through the dragon city. Using these tricks, you can get unlimited access to food and gold which will give you the power to do almost everything in the dragon city.  Keep in mind just to make things look normal in the internet when using these tricks